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 Small Pouch Rice Packing Machine With four heads weigher Supplier

The 180g rice is packed in the video. The 180g rice uses the SK-L320 packaging machine. The weighing measurement selects the linear four-head scale for weighing measurement (the speed of the linear four-head scale relative to the ten-head combination scale And the accuracy is not so high, but it is relatively affordable), with the finished product conveyor to convey the finished product, so as to avoid the finished product from accumulating at the outlet of the packaging machine when it is output. The addition of finished product conveyors also reduces the work intensity of workers.

Rice packing machine's companent:

1) Main packing mahcine  2 ) Linear four heads weigher  3 ) Finished bag conveyor 

Some detaied pcitures of rice packing machine


   Electronic control part


Intelligent industrial-grade touch screen:


Horizontal sealing device


Vertical sealing device


Film unwinding device


Linear four-head electronic scale

Electronic control part: the circuit is clear and easy to understand 

Intelligent industrial-grade touch screen: high sensitivity,stable operation, easy to understand and easy to operate; two temperature control meters, independent control and stability, making beautiful bags.

Horizontal sealing device: The horizontal sealing rod adopts a movable flip cover, which is convenient for easy replacement of the heating tube when it fails.

Vertical sealing device: the vertical sealing device of packing machine. The surface of the longitudinal sealing rod is smooth without scratching.

Film unwinding device: It adopts a film unwinding motor with brake, which can effectively prevent excessive film unwinding and wasting of roll materials.

Linear four-head electronic scale: It made of all stainless steel, digital sensor enables accurate measurement instantly.

Product description:

The vertical granule packaging machine is widely used in the packaging of various granular objects. Its accuracy is relatively high and the waste of materials is reduced. Greatly improve the production of the dynamic particle packaging machine. The working principle of the particle packaging machine is that when it is working, the packaged materials fall into the vibrating feeder from the supply bin, vibrate with the vibrating feeder, and flow into the weighing hopper evenly. When the weight is equal to the weighing value, the feeding stops and the weighing is completed.

Performance characteristics:

1) The main machine of the automatic grains and rice pellet packaging machine is made of stainless steel, and the overall structure design is compact, firm, and simple in total;

2) Adopt photoelectric eye control system, stepping motor to pull film, motor with brake function, avoid waste of consumables, stable and reliable performance, lower noise;

3) Using frequency conversion speed regulation, the operation is more stable, the noise is lower, and the failure rate is low;

4) The use of linear four-head combination weigher for weighing and measurement, microcomputer control system, dual vibration feeding, and digital sensors make accurate measurement instantaneous.

5) The four-head weighing hopper can be quickly disassembled, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

6) The packaging machine automatically completes the weighing and measurement of materials, bag making, product blanking, production date printing and labeling, product filling, sealing, cutting, and output all at one time.

Matters needing attention of rice packaging machine:

  First: Every time the rice packaging machine is turned on, the environment around the packaging machine should be checked to see if there is any phenomenon affecting the packaging machine.

  Second: After the rice packaging machine starts to work, we should stay away from the machine as much as possible, especially not to touch the head, fingers, or other parts of the body to the running part of the packaging machine.

   Third: During the working process of the packaging machine, no objects should be allowed to penetrate into the sealing knife of the machine, otherwise the machine will be damaged.

  Fourth: During the working process of the packaging machine, remember not to switch operations continuously, nor to change its parameter settings.

   Fifth: The rice packaging machine cannot be allowed to work at high speed for a long time.

   Sixth: The two buttons cannot be switched at the same time, and various switches and buttons cannot be operated at the same time. When we maintain and maintain the packaging machine, we should cut off the power supply. When repairing and debugging, you should think carefully before modifying the rice packaging machine

1) Before starting each time, you need to check whether there are any abnormalities around the machine;

2 When the vertical granule packaging machine is in operation, it is forbidden to touch the working parts with body, hands, head and hair;

3) When the vertical granule packaging machine is in operation, it is forbidden to use your hands or tools to prevent the sealing knife seat, and do not touch the horizontal and vertical sealing rollers, otherwise it will be burnt;

4) During the normal operation of the machine, it is forbidden to switch the operation button frequently, and it is forbidden to change the parameter setting value at will;

5) Foreign objects must not be mixed in during the packaging process, otherwise it may cause discharging blockage, inaccuracy or damage to the machine parts;

6) The storage piston of the vertical granule packaging machine and the seal ring at the lower end of the discharge cylinder should be replaced in time.

  When the vertical granule packaging machine finishes its work, we need to clean up the machine to prepare for the next day’s work. Fill the vertical granular packaging machine’s gear meshes, seated bearing oil holes and moving parts regularly. Engine oil is lubricated. When adding lubricating oil, do not drop the oil on the transmission flat belt to prevent slippage or accelerate the aging of the belt.


This vertical granule packaging machine can not only pack whole grains, rice, but also small granular and powdery materials such as monosodium glutamate, salt, sesame, sugar, seeds and so on.


The bag type of the packaging machine in this video is a back-seal bag. You can choose three-side seal, four-side seal, continuous bag and other bag types according to your needs.

Product name

 SK-L320D4T Small pouch rice packing machine

Air consumption consumption


Packaging film width


Bag length


Bag width


Max outer diameter of coil


Packing speed


Packaging film thickness


Power Specifications




Packaging materials

Composite film

About the operation steps and adjustment process of the vertical automatic granule packaging machine

Vertical automatic granule packaging machine can pack granular, strip, block and all kinds of irregular granular products. With the development of society, the application field of vertical automatic granule packaging machine is becoming wider and wider, and the packaging of packaging products Beautiful, it brings speed improvement and cost reduction to enterprises in the pellet product industry. A stable vertical automatic granule packaging machine can bring benefits to the enterprise, but if it is mis-operated during use, it will be costly. When using a vertical granule packaging machine, the operation steps and processes are very important processes.

The operation steps and adjustment process of the vertical granule packaging machine are mainly as follows:

1. Before opening the vertical granule packaging machine, you need to check whether the specifications of the weighed container and the bag maker of the packaging machine are within the set parameters.

2. Check whether the packaging roll is installed on the mold-loading device and whether the film-loading device is well fixed. For example, if the packaging film is in position, you need to pass the film through the photoelectric eye holder when threading the film, and adjust the positioning point when passing the photoelectric eye (Steps: How much do you know about the process of changing the packaging film of the particle vertical packaging machine?) After starting the machine, adjust the axial position of the packaging material on the carrier paper wheel according to the packaging film delivery situation to ensure the normal film supply.

3. Check whether all the wires of the vertical granule packaging machine are connected, and then start the equipment

4. Turn on the main power switch of the pellet packaging machine, pull down the clutch handle to separate the measuring cup metering device from the main drive, turn on the start switch, and the packaging machinery and equipment will run dry.

5. Set the temperature of the horizontal and vertical sealing separately, and set the relevant temperature according to the packaging material used

6. Bag length adjustment: After the packaging roll is installed, it is clamped between the film pulling wheels, and the rollers are rotated to pull the packaging roll below the horizontal seal sealing roller cutter. After the temperature reaches the set temperature for 2 minutes, turn on the start switch , Loosen the lock nut of the bag length adjustment screw, adjust the bag length controller knob, turn clockwise to shorten the bag length, and vice versa. After reaching the required bag length, tighten the nut.

7. Set the position of the cutting knife. When the bag length is set, remove the knife and connect the operation switch to continuously seal several bags. When the heat sealer is just opened and the roller has not pulled the bag, immediately stop the operation of the equipment. . Then move the left cutter first, so that the knife edge faces the middle of the horizontal seal of an integer multiple of the bag length (usually 2 to 3 times the bag length), and the direction of the knife edge is vertical. Tighten the fastening screw of the left cutter, Lean the right cutter on the left cutter. After laying it flat, let the tip of the cutter face the tip of the cutter. Tighten the screw on the front of the stone cutter slightly and press down the back of the right cutter to make a certain distance between the two cutters. Pressure, immediately tighten the relevant screws behind the right cutter, put the packaging film between the blades, and tap the front of the right cutter slightly to see if the packaging film can be cut. If not, continue to adjust until it is cut. , And tighten the relevant screws immediately after adjustment.

8. When the vertical granule packaging machine is shut down, the horizontal and vertical sealing heat sealer must be in the open position to ensure that the packaging coil is not heated and wasted and can extend the life of the heat sealer.




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