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Automatic Weighing Packing Ice Cube Ice Granule Crushed Ice Packing Machine Supplier

In the video, 4-5kg of granular cube ice is packed. This granular ice automatic quantitative packaging machine consists of a 720-model packaging machine with a 2000L large storage hopper, an ice loader, a two-head screw scale and a finished product conveyor. Fully automatic granular ice quantitative packaging machine, the packaging in the video is 4-5kg, and the packaging speed can range from 10-15 packs per minute, mainly depending on whether the amount of ice can be enough for the packaging machine.

Machine Component

1) Material  feeder  2) 10 head computer combined scale 3) 720 main packing machine  4) finished product conveyor

Some detaied pcitures of ice packing machine


Electric box device


Computer screen control device


Bag former device


Vertical sealing device


Horizontal sealing device


Two-head screw electronic scale

1. Electric box device :

Neatly installed lines, clear lines and reasonable layout. Choose imported brand configuration, long service life, not easy to cause failure.

2. Computer screen control device : 

The electronic scale and the packaging host are independent computer touch screen control systems, using Chinese and English languages, the program is easy to update, the operation program is simple and easy to understand, intuitive and efficient.

Bag former device :

3.  The bag former is specially designed to pack ice cubes, which is different from ordinary bag formers. The former is mainly designed for the problems of moisture and slippage encountered in the ice cubes packaging process, so that the film can run smoothly and seal.

4. Vertical sealing device:

The vertical sealing device has a compact structure and uses the principle of pasting to make the film instantly heat-sealed. It is mainly designed for the special sealing of PE film material. Let the sealing lines seal neatly.

5. Horizontal sealing device:

The horizontal sealing device is unique in design and is also specially designed for PE film material sealing. At the same time, the horizontal sealing part is equipped with an advance bag clamping device, which can prevent the bag from being broken due to excessive speed and heavy weight during the material blanking process. At the same time, it cooperates with the supporting device to hold the heavier bag to prevent the bag from being damaged.

6. Two-head screw electronic scale:

It is designed by screw principle and electronic scale weighing principle, mainly for ice weighing. Using servo motor control, stable operation and accurate measurement.




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