Factory price grain packaging machine for 500g rice



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Factory price grain packaging machine for 500g rice

Automatic all-in-one packaging machine packs 500 grams of rice products. The packaging machine uses the SK-L420 mainframe to match the feeder and weighing and measuring equipment, and the finished product conveyor is used to pack 500 grams of rice packaging products.

Machine Component

1) Main packing machine,   2)   10 heads scew weigher  3 ) Finished bag conveyor 

Some detaied pcitures of rice  packing machine


Intelligent industrial-grade touch screen


Bag former device


Vertical sealing device


Horizontal sealing device


10 heads weigher 


Stainless steel collection hopper


The film release device


Film transport device

Intelligent industrial-grade touch screen: high sensitivity, stable operation, easy to understand and easy to operate; three temperature control meters, indepen-dent control and stability,making beautiful bags

Bag former device : The bag former is specially designed to pack ice cubes, which is different from ordinary bag formers. The former is mainly designed for the problems of moisture and slippage encountered in the ice cubes packaging process, so that the film can run smoothly and seal.

Vertical sealing device: The vertical sealing device has a compact structure and uses the principle of pasting to make the film instantly heat-sealed. It is mainly designed for the special sealing of PE film material. Let the sealing lines seal neatly.

Horizontal sealing device: The horizontal sealing device is unique in design and is also specially designed for PE film material sealing. At the same time, the horizontal sealing part is equipped with an advance bag clamping device, which can prevent the bag from being broken due to excessive speed and heavy weight during the material blanking process. At the same time, it cooperates with the supporting device to hold the heavier bag to prevent the bag from being damaged.

10 heads weigher device :It adopts a stepping motor, which runs quietly, operates stably, and has a long life.

Stainless steel collection hopper: for packaging mate-rials with good fluidity, the collection hopper is used to effectively prevent the materials from being scat-tered everywhere.

Film transport device: The film transport device is made of high-quality materials, with smooth surface treatment, no scratching, no damage to the coil, flexible rotation of the film roller handling, suitable gaps, and the packaging coil does not run off, resulting in a perfect bag.

The film release device : It adopts a film release motor with brake function, so that the packaging film can be stopped freely without wasting the roll material. The film release position uses two thick steel fixing rings to fix the packaging film, so there is no worry about the deviation of the coil.

Product description:

The vertical granule packaging machine is widely used in the packaging of various granular objects. Its accuracy is relatively high and the waste of materials is reduced. Greatly improve the production of the dynamic particle packaging machine. The working principle of the particle packaging machine is that when it is working, the packaged materials fall into the vibrating feeder from the supply bin, vibrate with the vibrating feeder, and flow into the weighing hopper evenly. When the weight is equal to the weighing value, the feeding stops and the weighing is completed.

Performance characteristics:


1. The main machine of the automatic grains and rice pellet packaging machine is made of stainless steel, and the overall structure design is compact, firm and simple in total;

2. The linear four-head combination weigher is used for weighing and measurement, the microcomputer control system, the use of double vibration feeding, and the digital sensor make accurate measurement instantaneous.

3. The four-head weighing hopper can be quickly disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance.

4. The packaging machine automatically completes the weighing and measurement of materials, bag making, product blanking, production date printing and labeling, product filling, sealing, cutting, and output all at one time.

5. Adopt servo double-pull film system to ensure smooth transfer of paper film and smooth bag formation;

6. Imported brand air cylinders are used to ensure that the bag has good sealing performance and clear sealing lines;

7. Imported PLC computer control system, the operation is more stable, and any parameters can be adjusted without stopping the machine.

8. Using servo motor to pull the film, positioning is more accurate.

9. The packaging styles are diversified, such as back seal, gusset, continuous bag, punching, etc.

Matters needing attention of rice packaging machine:

  First: Every time the rice packaging machine is turned on, the environment around the packaging machine should be checked to see if there is any phenomenon affecting the packaging machine.

  Second: After the rice packaging machine starts to work, we should stay away from the machine as much as possible, especially not to touch the head, fingers, or other parts of the body to the running part of the packaging machine.

   Third: During the working process of the packaging machine, no objects should be allowed to penetrate into the sealing knife of the machine, otherwise the machine will be damaged.

  Fourth: During the working process of the packaging machine, remember not to switch operations continuously, nor to change its parameter settings.

   Fifth: The rice packaging machine cannot be allowed to work at high speed for a long time.

   Sixth: The two buttons cannot be switched at the same time, and various switches and buttons cannot be operated at the same time. When we maintain and maintain the packaging machine, we should cut off the power supply. When repairing and debugging, you should think carefully before modifying the rice packaging machine.


1) Before starting each time, you need to check whether there are any abnormalities around the machine;

2 When the vertical granule packaging machine is in operation, it is forbidden to touch the working parts with body, hands, head and hair;

3) When the vertical granule packaging machine is in operation, it is forbidden to use your hands or tools to prevent the sealing knife seat, and do not touch the horizontal and vertical sealing rollers, otherwise it will be burnt;

4) During the normal operation of the machine, it is forbidden to switch the operation button frequently, and it is forbidden to change the parameter setting value at will;

5) Foreign objects must not be mixed in during the packaging process, otherwise it may cause discharging blockage, inaccuracy or damage to the machine parts;

6) The storage piston of the vertical granule packaging machine and the seal ring at the lower end of the discharge cylinder should be replaced in time.


  When the vertical granule packaging machine finishes its work, we need to clean up the machine to prepare for the next day’s work. Fill the vertical granular packaging machine’s gear meshes, seated bearing oil holes and moving parts regularly. Engine oil is lubricated. When adding lubricating oil, do not drop the oil on the transmission flat belt to prevent slippage or accelerate the aging of the belt.


All kinds of irregular, granule, blocky, strip-shaped, high precision and easy-to-break bulk packaging, such as puffed food, shrimp, potato chips, fruit slices, casserole, peanuts, melon seeds, candy, biscuits, broad beans etc.


Product name

 SK-L420D10T Small pouch rice packing machine

Air consumption consumption


Packaging film width


Bag length


Bag width


Max outer diameter of coil


Packing speed


Packaging film thickness


Power Specifications




Packaging materials

Composite film

Precautions and maintenance methods for the safe use of vertical food packaging machinery and equipment

 Vertical food packaging machinery and equipment are mainly used for packaging food. Whether in the past or in the future, food hygiene and safety has always been the most concerned issue of the people. Therefore, the materials and design of vertical food packaging machinery and equipment are in line with food hygiene and safety.

 When many food factories purchase vertical food packaging machinery and equipment, they are not clear about the safety precautions and maintenance methods of vertical food packaging machinery and equipment.


Precautions for the safe use of vertical food packaging machinery and equipment:


1. The packaging machine purchased back should be placed in a dry place without direct sunlight;

2. Before installing the vertical food packaging machinery and equipment, check its voltage and power first, to avoid making mistakes and causing unnecessary damage when connecting to the electricity. Different vertical food packaging machines have voltage and power. different;

3. For safety, the packaging machine should be provided with a power socket with a grounding wire;

4. Before starting up, check the equipment for malfunctions and disinfect the food contact devices to ensure food hygiene;

5. If the equipment fails, all power switches should be turned off, and care should be taken not to touch the position of the horizontal and vertical seals to avoid burns.

What is the reason that the vertical granule packaging machine combination weigher is still abnormal after being calibrated


     The continuous development of society has made the development of automation faster and faster. Many products can be automated to replace labor and reduce labor costs.


     For our industry, automated equipment replaces manual packaging for fully automated packaging. Products in different states need to be packaged with different automated equipment, such as granular materials, we recommend using a vertical granule packaging machine for packaging.


   Vertical granule packaging machines can choose different weighing and measuring devices according to the needs of their own enterprises. Different weighing and measuring devices have different requirements that they meet. For companies that require high accuracy requirements, we recommend using a combination weigher for weighing measurement, but the price of the combination weigher is relatively expensive.


    When we are debugging the vertical granule packaging machine, we need to test whether the accuracy of each scale of the combination scale is consistent, but after the test, the scale of the combination scale is still abnormal after the calibration, so what caused the problem?


When the vertical granule packaging machine combination weigher hopper is calibrated, there are still abnormal reasons:


1) Check whether the scale bucket and pendant control other items;


2) Check whether the weight using the calibration code is correct;


3) Check that the calibration process is correct;


4) Check whether the sensor is damaged.


If the hopper of the vertical granule packaging machine combination weigher still appears abnormal after being calibrated, we will check one by one according to the above four steps, so as to effectively save the time that is impossible to start. Vertical granule packaging machine combination weigher is suitable for packaging all kinds of granular products.




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