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Hardware Screw Counting Packing Machine Manfacturer

In the video, screws and nuts are packed. The number of packaging is two pieces. The vibration plate is used to count the grains. The two use a vibrating plate to transfer several grains. This automatic screw counting packaging machine uses carbon steel material, back-seal sealing method and no need to print the production date, the packaging speed is more than 50 packages per minute. We can choose stainless steel according to our needs or use different sealing methods.

Hardware scerw counting packing machine's  companent:

1) Main packing machine ; 2) Vibrating plates 

Some detailed pcitures of Liquid packing machine:



Vibrating plates


Material conveying track


Vertical sealing device 


Horizontal sealing device 

Vibration counting plate: Vibration counting plate, fast and stable transmission, orderly discharge, no jamming, no return; low noise operation。

Material conveying track: It is made of stainless steel. The material conveying track conveys the materials, and the quantity is determined by the sensor for packaging.

Vertical sealing device:The vertical sealing device of packing ma-chine.The surface of the longitudinal sealing rod is smooth without scratching.

Horizontal sealing device :The horizontal sealing device is equipped with a stainless steel panel to prevent burns caused by contact with the horizon-tal sealing rod. Theequipment adopts a back sealing method.. 

Product introduction:

Screw accessories and hardware accessories are indispensable accessories in our lives. Many products need their links to become a product. Screw accessories and hardware accessories need to be classified, matched and packaged after production. Many bathroom factories, furniture factories, bicycle factories, etc., when selling their products, they will be equipped with these screw hardware accessories for sale.

For these matching hardware screw accessories, the matching quantity is not large, and they are basically measured by counting. For two or more hardware screw accessories, it is necessary to count by counting particles. We will choose a metal screw packaging machine for counting pellets, one accessory is equipped with a vibrating plate.

Product Features:

The machine adopts advanced PLC + photoelectric system + Chinese/English operation screen, which can automatically complete the counting, bag making, filling, sealing, counting, coding and other processes. This machine is a combined packaging equipment, part of which is a counting filling part, equipped with 1-12 vibrating feeding trays, which can be used in combination with one, two, three...; the other part is a packaging machine, which can be completed automatically Packaging work. This machine can be used to package food, electronic components, hardware accessories, etc., such as: candy, peanut kernels, tablets, and irregular items such as nails, screws, bolts, nuts, screws, electronic components, etc.

Scope of application:

Can be widely used in electrical appliances, lighting, metal decorative products subsidiary installation screws, nuts, small pieces of plastic mixed packaging. Replacing the preform bag forming method, greatly improving the work efficiency, the application of the screw for the enterprise

Widely used, the special shape of the parts can also be customized according to customer requirements. The machine uses microcomputer control, automatic packaging process.

Performance characteristics:

1. The whole machine of automatic hardware screw fittings packaging machine has a solid design, easy operation, solidity and stable operation.

2. The automatic hardware screw accessory packaging machine automatically completes all the processes of material counting, bag making, filling, sealing and cutting and output at one time;

3. The machine can be equipped with multiple vibration plates, which can fill a variety of different materials into the packaging bag at the same time, and users can also selectively use one, two, three or more vibration plates.

4. The screw automatic packaging machine is controlled by a microcomputer, and the packaging process is automatically realized.

5. Can be customized according to demand, single type and multiple quantities, single type and single quantity, multiple and multiple mixed packaging, can be customized automatic arrangement counting and blanking function, can realize fully automatic packaging, it is all determined by your products and your output 

Operation process:

The hardware screw fittings are respectively installed into different vibrating discs, and then the materials are vibrated through the vibrating disc to the conveying track to count the grains. After the counting is completed, the main mechanism of the packaging machine is completed in one time.


Suitable for packaging various hardware accessories products, such as hardware: combination screws, nuts, gaskets, etc.; plastic parts: expansion tubes, rubber rings, other accessories, etc.; furniture accessories: self-tapping screws, fasteners, stamping parts, etc.; others Accessories: bathroom hardware, electronic accessories, bicycle accessories, etc.


The bag type of the packaging machine in this video is a back-seal bag type. The picture below is a physical.

Product name

 SK-L320A  washing powder packaging machine

Air consumption 


Packaging film width


Bag length


Bag width


Max outer diameter of coil


Packing speed


Packaging film thickness


Power Specifications




Packaging materials

Composite film

Pay attention to the problems of hardware screw automatic packaging machine:

1 Please carefully check whether the components of the automatic packaging machine are in good condition and whether the screws are loose before starting up. If you have any questions

Please solve the problem in time.

2. Be sure to clean the feeder and the measuring machine to ensure that the products are hygienic.

3 After starting up, set the temperature of the thermostat on the man-machine interface, and apply the packaging film.

4. Adjust the bag-making and coding effects, and start making packaging bags and supplying materials.

5. Check the sealing condition of the packaging bag, and make sure it is completely sealed.

6. During the production process, the packaging quality of the product should be checked from time to time, if any problems are found, the packaging machine should be stopped in time.

7. Use the packaging machine correctly. When the packaging machine is in operation, do not debug the various components by hand. This is quite dangerous. Pay attention to safety, safety is important

8. If there is a problem with the packaging machine, please stop the operation immediately and check and deal with it in time. After the problem is solved, the packaging machine can be started.

9. Check the running direction of the conveyor belt to ensure that the conveyor belt runs in the normal direction.

Maintenance of vibrating plate hardware screw packaging machine:

A. Maintenance:

1. Frequently check the screws of each part of the automatic packaging machine, and there must be no looseness.

2. The electrical parts should be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and rodent-proof. Ensure that the inside of the electric control box and the wiring terminals are clean to prevent electrical failure.

3. The two heat sealers should be in the open position when the machine is shut down to prevent scalding the packaging materials.

B. Maintenance:

1. Clean the metering part in time after shutdown. For the packaged materials of screws, hardware, and accessory particles, the turntable and the discharge opening should be cleaned every shift.

2. Frequently clean the heat sealer body to ensure that the sealing lines of the finished packaging bags are clear.

3. The scattered materials should be cleaned up in time to keep the parts clean in order to prolong the service life.

4. Frequently clean the light-emitting head of the photoelectric switch (electric eye) to ensure its reliable operation.

5. Frequently clean the dust in the electric control box to prevent electrical faults such as short circuit or poor contact.




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