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Long Strip Round Corner Fruit Powder Packing Machine  

This packaging machine is a vertical small round-corner long strip powder automatic packaging machine. In the video, the powder products are packed. The bag type is back-sealed round corner small strips with easy mouth. Powder automatic quantitative packaging machine_vertical powder packaging machine_round corner strip packaging machine mainly uses the powder head metering device for blanking, weighing, packaging, and cutting round corners.

Fruit powder packing machine's companont:

1 ) Mian packing machine;  2 ) Auger filler 

Some detaied pcitures of Liquid packing machine


Auger filler 


Date Printer device 


Vertical sealing device


Horizontal sealing device and fillet device


Orderly electronic control box


Touch screen device, temperature control meter

Auger filler device: powder metering device is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, with inclined screw metering device, which is accurate in weighing and measuring. The weighing and measuring speed is fast.

Date Printer device: The packaging machine is equipped with a coding machine device, which automatically prints the production date and can print three lines. The font size is: 2*4mm.

Vertical sealing device: the vertical sealing device of packing machine. The surface of the longitudinal sealing rod is smooth without scratching..

Horizontal sealing device and fillet device: the horizontal sealing device of packaging machine has the same smooth surface treatment without hand stroke, and is equipped with fillet device.

Orderly electronic control box: the electronic control part of packaging machine is arranged neatly and orderly, and can quickly and effectively find relevant electronic control accessories in case of failure.

Touch screen device, temperature control meter: Use the man-machine interface touch screen, the touch screen is sensitive, and the relevant values can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is convenient and quick; the horizontal seal and the vertical seal use an independent temperature control meter, which can individually control the relevant temperature.

Introduction of coffee stick packaging machine:

The coffee bar packaging machine is a bar coffee powder packaging machine developed by our company for bar coffee. The machine uses a screw-based metering method to measure materials. It is a fully automatic coffee bar running with a PLC intelligent control system. Shaped packaging machine, this machine can automatically complete a series of tasks such as conveying, measuring, weighing, bag making, filling materials, sealing, cutting, and printing dates.


This sachet powder packing machine is suitable for different kinds of powder product packing.Such as tea powder, protein powder, solid drink mix, coffee powder, milk powder, spice, medical powder,chemical powder, ect.

The performance characteristics of the vertical powder automatic quantitative packaging machine:

1. The powder automatic quantitative packaging machine is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, and the whole machine design is reasonable, firm and stable;

2. Adopt oblique screw powder metering device to measure powder materials, with high measuring accuracy and fast measuring speed;

3. Equipped with a production date printing device (code printer), no need to add additional personnel for manual printing, and the production date will be printed when packaging;

4. Equipped with packaging film positioning photoelectric eye, so that the packaging film positioning is accurate;

5. Using frequency conversion speed regulation, the operation is more stable, the noise is low, and the failure rate is low;

6. Fully automatic measurement, filling and bag making, date printing and product output are completed at one time;

7. Borrowing the principle of spring pressure and pneumatic slitting, the five-pack is more stable.

Fillet type back-seal powder automatic packaging machine:

Pneumatic fillet punching device:

It is mainly composed of round corner punching die, cylinder, bracket and handwheel adjustment tool holder. The punching die is driven by an air cylinder,

The synchronization signal is controlled by the controller. The knife position is adjusted by the hand wheel.

Easy to tear cutter:

The horizontal sealing heat sealer seals an "easy-tear edge sealing" on the sealing edge, and installs an easy-tear knife at this position,

While the horizontal seal is being sealed, the easy-to-tear knife will cut out an easy-to-tear opening. Automatic measuring and packaging machine for brewing five grains powder, yam powder small bag powder packaging machine.


1. Lubrication work. It is necessary to regularly add oil to the gear meshing parts, the oil hole of the bearing with a seat, and the moving parts. Once every shift, the reducer is strictly prohibited to run without oil. When adding lubricating oil, be careful not to put the oil tank on the rotating belt to prevent slipping and loss of rotation or premature aging of the belt and damage.  

2. Cleaning work. After the equipment is stopped, the metering part should be cleaned in time, and the heat sealer body should be cleaned frequently to ensure that the sealing lines of the packaged product are clear. The scattered materials should be cleaned up in time to facilitate the cleanliness of the machine parts, so as to better extend its length. The service life is long, and the dust in the electric control box must be cleaned frequently to prevent electrical faults such as short circuit or poor contact.  

3. Maintenance work. Before using the powder packaging machine, check the screws at all parts, and there should be no looseness, otherwise, it will affect the normal long-distance rotation of the whole machine. For the electrical parts, pay attention to waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and rat-proof work. In order to ensure that the inside of the electric control box and the connection terminals are clean to prevent electrical failure, after the shutdown, the two heat sealers should be in the open position to prevent the packaging materials from being scalded.

Operation method of powder packaging machine:

1. Install the machine: first install the machine and the packaging film, install the packaging paper on the bracket, and try to make the edge of the packaging paper and the gap between the support frame vertical and parallel.

2. Power on: After installing the machine and placing it flat, plug in the power and turn on the power switch and wait for the machine to work. The power plug must be connected to a plug with a grounding wire.

3. Setting parameters: set the length of the packaging bag, temperature parameters and the number of grams of blanking.

4. Pour the materials: Pour the materials into the hopper and press start to work.

5. Automatic packaging: the machine automatically weighs, blanks, seals, and cuts into bags, and the packaging is formed at one time.

Scope of application:


The powder fillet strip packaging machine is suitable for packaging powders with good fluidity, such as milk tea powder, matcha powder, soy milk powder, flour, coffee powder, starch, chili powder and other powder products.

Packing bag  type:


Vertical automatic quantitative powder fillet strip packaging machine, can choose back seal, four-side seal, three-side seal, etc., and can choose composite film material for packaging.

Product name

 SK-L320F fruit powder packing machine  

Air consumption consumption


Packaging film width


Bag length


Bag width

30-150 mm

Max outer diameter of coil


Packing speed

10-35 bags/min

Packaging film thickness


Power Specifications

220V.50/60Hz.3 Kw



Net weight


Gross Weight


Packaging materials

Composite film

1. The reasons for the inaccurate feeding of the auger filler of the vertical powder packaging machine:

Vertical powder packaging machine is one of the representative works of vertical packaging machine. Vertical powder packaging machine has brought great changes to the powder packaging industry. It plays an important role in the powder industry and can improve packaging efficiency for the powder packaging industry. , Reduce the labor cost of powder packaging enterprises and the difficulty of recruiting workers.

The vertical powder packaging machine brings convenience to powder powder enterprises, and it is inevitable that the production will be delayed due to worker misoperation or equipment failure during use. As a professional operator, when the vertical powder packaging machine fails, it is best for us to have the ability to troubleshoot and solve the problem, so that we can shorten the maintenance time and speed up the production efficiency. Today, the editor of Songke will explain to you what causes the inaccuracy of the powder head of the vertical powder packaging machine.

The reasons for the inaccurate feeding of the auger filler of the vertical powder packaging machine are as follows:

1. Whether the cutting speed of the auger filler is too fast or too slow (adjust the speed appropriately according to the actual situation);

2. Whether the servo motor control rotation position is normal;

3. Whether the auger filler metering screw is equipped with a pressurizing device;

4. Whether the filter screen of the auger filler screw discharge port is installed, and whether the filter screen is stuck with impurities;

5. Whether the mixing function of the auger filler is turned on.

When we are using the vertical powder packaging machine when the cutting is inaccurate, we can check it according to the above 5 points, and solve the related problems according to the actual situation.

2.How to deal with the powder clamping in the vertical automatic powder packaging machine, with reasons and solutions:

The powder products we have seen on the market have progressed from the past bulk scale to independent bag packaging. Independent bag packaging is not only beautiful, but also can improve the utilization rate of goods and other issues, because the bulk scale is not easy to store, and the independent bag packaging machine can Long-term storage use. The powder is tightly sealed in an independent bag to avoid contact with outside air, and has the effects of moisture, insect, and pollution prevention.

 The equipment for packaging powder products in individual bags is a vertical automatic powder packaging machine, which can be used for all the processes of powder product material loading, weighing and measurement, bag manufacturing and filling, product production date printing, sealing and cutting and output Can be done in one go. The vertical automatic powder packaging machine has fast packaging speed and high precision, which can save a lot of manpower. Reduce labor costs for enterprises and submit packaging efficiency.

 Vertical automatic powder packaging machine can pack powder products with good fluidity, involving food, daily chemicals, agricultural and sideline products, hardware and other industries, mainly including seasoning powder, flour, starch, milk powder, soybean powder, washing powder, pesticides , Additives, masterbatch powder, waterproofing agent, cement and other powder products.

The birth of the vertical automatic powder packaging machine has greatly improved the packaging speed and aesthetics of bagged powder products. However, if the adjustment is not good or the manual misoperation of the work will cause many problems, such as the vertical automatic The powder packaging machine clamps powder, which leads to problems such as imperfect sealing or waste products. So if the vertical automatic powder packaging machine clamps powder, what should we do? , To solve the problem, you need to find the problem first, as follows:

Based on more than ten years of experience of Songke packaging machinery manufacturers, we have summarized several failure factors and treatment methods in addition to the powder clamping of the vertical automatic powder packaging machine:

 1) The horizontal sealing time of the vertical automatic powder packaging machine is not adjusted well with the material falling time;

  Processing method: adjust the horizontal sealing time of the vertical automatic powder packaging machine

 2) The screw powder head unloading device is not tightly closed, and there is a phenomenon of material leakage, which causes the material to fall when the horizontal seal is sealed;

Treatment method: add a flap (flip cover) at the bottom of the screw.

 3) The bag maker produces electrostatic adsorption of powder materials

  Treatment method: Eliminate the static electricity of the packaging material, or add an ion wind device.




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