Semi-automatic Packaging Machines For Rice Fresh Noodle Packing Machine



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Semi-automatic Packaging Machines For Rice Fresh Noodle Packing Machine

The packaging machinery we saw in the video is mainly a combination of a chain bucket conveyor with SK-L380 packaging host and a finished product conveyor. Moreover, customers can manually weigh and feed the products according to the product for packaging or can be fully automated by connecting the production line. The packaging material of this wet vermicelli udon noodle packaging machine is roll film, which is made into bags by the equipment for packaging.

Machine Component

1) Main packing machine, 2) Two heads scew weigher 3) Finished bag conveyor

Some detaied pcitures of rice noodle packing machine









Product introduction:

Rice noodles are our favorite food. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, we will choose noodles. Because rice noodles are not only rich in nutrition and price, but also easy to heat up, they are loved by more people. As our country likes the quantity of wet rice noodle With continuous improvement, the enlargement of artificially packed wet rice noodles has gradually been eliminated. It is the SK-L380 wet rice noodle packaging machine of Soonk Packaging Machinery Factory that replaces him. This is the hard work of experienced technicians from Foshan Soonk Packaging Machinery Factory. The equipment developed not only has a very beautiful appearance, but also is very simple to use. It can help us to pack quickly, and it can also pack us to save more labor and make our economic benefits more significant.

The semi-automatic packaging machine of fresh and wet rice noodle chain bucket is the performance feature:

1) The main machine of the packaging machine is the SK-L380 model, which is made of 304 stainless steel. The overall design is reasonable, generous and not occupying a position;

2) Adopting imported servo motor control to ensure smooth delivery of packaging film and smooth bagging;

3) Imported brand air cylinders are used to ensure good sealing performance of the bag and clear sealing lines, prevent air leakage of the packaging bag, and reduce the rejection rate;

4) It adopts PLC control, imported drivers, imported brand touch screen, man-machine interface, high degree of automation, simple operation procedures, and high touch screen sensitivity;

5) Multi-language operating system selection;

6) The chain bucket conveyor is used to transport materials. Wet vermicelli is a relatively sticky product. The surface of the conveying storage hopper is sprayed with Teflon to effectively prevent sticking.

7) The design is simple, reasonable, stable performance, low noise, easy to maintain, and chain bucket transmission.

8 ) When there is no material, the machine will not empty the bag, and the loss is small.

9) Manual metering and feeding packaging, chain-bucket feeding is convenient for throwing prize cards, and prizes or multiple materials are packaged at the same time.

The weighed materials are transported to the packaging machine through the chain bucket. Because this product is wet rice noodles, the chain bucket conveyor belt is sprayed with Teflon to prevent the materials from sticking to the chain bucket. Finally, seal and cut the bag with high temperature. The machine has been modified to automatically complete the entire production process, including feeding, metering, filling and bag making, date printing and product output.


Bucket semi-automatic packaging machine is suitable for all kinds of fragile or difficult to measure materials, such as potato chips, shrimp chips, french fries, jelly, dumplings, glutinous rice balls, preserved fruits, candies, dry goods, fried food, hardware accessories, plastic accessories, toys , Fruits and vegetables, various vermicelli, wet vermicelli, udon noodles, potato flour, etc.


The bag types that can be selected for the chain bucket semi-automatic packaging machine are back seal, gusseted bag, back seal round hole, airplane hole, portable hole, etc

Product name

 SK-L380 Small Rice fresh noodle packing machine

Air consumption consumption


Packaging film width


Bag length


Bag width


Max outer diameter of coil


Packing speed


Packaging film thickness


Power Specifications




Packaging materials

Composite film

What is the reason why the conveyor chain bucket of the vertical semi-automatic chain bucket packaging machine does not work

Vertical semi-automatic chain-bucket packaging machine is a kind of vertical granule packaging machine. Vertical semi-automatic chain-bucket packaging machine is mainly used to pack granular materials. The chain-bucket semi-automatic packaging machine is manually weighed and weighed. Put it in the chain bucket and transport it to the lower hopper for packaging.

 Generally, there are three situations in which vertical semi-automatic chain-bucket packaging machines are used for packaging. One is because the company has limited funds for the use of automation, the other is that the materials are not suitable for weighing using automated weighing equipment, and the third is that the packaging needs to be invested. Different types of materials, such as prize cards, etc., can be packaged using a vertical semi-automatic chain-bucket packaging machine in these situations.

When manual labor uses the vertical semi-automatic chain bucket packaging machine to package products, the conveyor chain bucket may not work due to misoperation or failure of product accessories. So what causes the conveyor chain bucket of the vertical semi-automatic chain bucket packaging machine to not work?

1. Whether the clutch fork of the conveyor chain bucket of the vertical semi-automatic chain bucket packaging machine is in the closed state;

2. Whether the fastening screws and flat keys of the transmission position of the equipment are installed properly;

3. Check whether the motors of the conveyor chain bucket of the machine are malfunctioning, whether the gearbox is lack of oil or lubrication, etc.;

4. Whether the inverter is damaged or not working;

5. Check the circuit of the control electric box of the vertical semi-automatic chain bucket packaging machine and the related components and the positioning electric eye for failure.

The common faults and corresponding maintenance solutions of the 8-point vertical packaging machine are as follows:

Fault type


Corresponding maintenance solutions

The machine does not work after touching the "on" button in the production operation menu.

1. Check whether the emergency stop switch is reset

2. Inverter and servo controller display RC (in alarm state)

1. Reset the emergency stop switch

2. Turn off the main power and turn it on again after 20 seconds

Leakage switch tripped

Leakage of heating pipes and other electrical appliances

Check each electrical appliance one by one

The sealing roller is not hot

1. The power failure protector trips

2. The heating tube burns out

3. The temperature control meter is damaged

1. Check and eliminate the short circuit, then reclose

2. Replace the heating tube

3. Replace the temperature control meter

The temperature control meter digits beating repeatedly

Loose or damaged thermocouple

Tighten or replace the thermocouple

The temperature is normal when the machine is stopped, and the temperature keeps dropping after the machine is started

1. The ambient voltage is low, causing the power of the heating tube to decrease

2. The power of the heating tube is too small

1. Reduce the packaging speed or increase the voltage stabilizing device

2. Replace the high-power heating tube

Packing bag seal leaks

1. The temperature is not enough

2. Not enough pressure

3. The sealing time is too short

4. The front and rear horizontal sealing rollers are not sealed evenly

5. Clipping

1. Increase the temperature appropriately

2. Check whether the total pressure is 6.5 kg

3. Increase the sealing time parameter appropriately

4. Carefully adjust the sealing parallelism of the horizontal sealing roller

5. Adjust the blanking time or inflation delay

Can't control the cut point or half point

1. The edge of the packaging film is wrinkled or the optical path quality problem causes the photoelectric malfunction

2. The sensitivity of the photoelectric eye is not adjusted well

3. The set bag length is not enough to cause long and short bags

1. Replace the packaging film

2. Re-adjust the photoelectric sensitivity

3. Increase the bag length setting

Can't transport the film

1. The pressure of the film transport cylinder is not enough or too large

2. The belt is slipping or damaged

3. Excessive static electricity of packaging film

1. The pressure of the film transport cylinder is not enough or too large

2. The belt is slipping or damaged

3. Excessive static electricity of packaging film




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