Automatic Weighing Packing Machine Multi Products Combination Weigher Packing Solution For Dry Peanut



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Automatic Weighing Packing Machine Multi Products Combination Weigher Packing Solution For Dry Peanut

  • Customized solutions for large-scale packaging production lines are mainly for large-scale packaging production needs.
  • We can customize the product automatic assembly line conveyor belt according to the customer's factory needs, connect the discharge port, and carry out the automatic supply and packaging of materials.
  • Realize automatic assembly line operation and realize production packaging generation.
  • The packaging production line can also make different packaging production line plans for different products.
  • It can be the packaging of powder products, granular products and liquid products.

Machine Component

1) Main packing machine  2) Multihead electronic scale  3) Z type material elevator  4) Supporting platform  5) Output conveyor  6)Conveying belts

Main packing machine :Fully complete the production process of feeding, metering, filling, bag making, date printing and product output.

Multi head combination scale: High-precision sensors enable accurate metering for instant implementation.According to the characteristics of the object to be measured, the opening and closing speed of the hopper door can be finely adjusted to prevent breakage. All parts are made of stainless steel and are clean and hygienic.Good compatibility and easy to use with other packaging equipment.

Z type material elevator  : The Z-type feeder can control the speed, which can raise the material to the 10-head combined electronic scale at a uniform speed, and is controlled by electric eye induction to ensure sufficient material.

Supporting platform  :With a thick and stable support platform, workers can directly stand on it to clean up the computer combinated scale or carry out maintenance, which is convenient, fast, safe and reliable.

Output conveyor :The finished product conveyor is installed at the product outlet of the main machine of the packaging machine, which allows the finished product to be transported away from the bottom of the main machine, avoiding product accumulation and blockage and causing downtime.

 Conveying belts:Through the conveyor belt, the material is accurately transported to the Z-type feeder, which is fast and effective.

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Packaging Machine Production Line

For a new factory, how to choose a packaging machine suitable for its own products and how to operate the packaging machine has become a relatively rare problem. Most customers have relatively little experience in this area.
How to choose the right machine and model and how to layout the factory without knowing the machine? How to choose a machine that can reach your own production output? How to pack beautiful packaging bags to achieve an efficient, high-yield, and low-labor solution?

These annoying questions can be handed over to SOONKPACK. We will discuss with a professional technical team, according to the actual situation of your factory, provide and design a packaging production line suitable for your production, will teach you how to use and operate, so that you The factory production is more smooth.

The production line of automatic granular product packaging machine is mainly aimed at large factories to meet the needs of high output. A series of processes such as automatic feeding, splitting, feeding, weighing, packaging, date printing, and finished product output can be realized.

1.The feeding conveyor line can be designed according to the actual size of the factory and the area of ​​the site to connect the outlet.
2. The material products are transported to the elevator through the conveyor line and then supplied to each electronic scale for quantitative weighing and packaging.
3. Finally, the finished bags are uniformly transported to the designated location.

The full-automatic packaging production line can also be equipped with other equipment for use, and can be added according to the needs of the weight selection, metal detector and nitrogen generator.

If you have any questions or needs about the packaging machine, please contact us in time, we will use professional technical solutions, high-quality machines, and efficient after-sales service for you.

Product Application

Suitable for all kinds of irregular, granular, block, strip, high-precision and easily broken bulk product packaging.

For example, packaging the following products:
Puffed food, shrimp crackers, potato chips, fruit slices, dried fruit, nuts, peanuts, melon seeds, cashews, candy, biscuits, small cakes, broad beans, breakfast oats, tea, coffee beans, rice, pet food, frozen food, jelly , Chocolate beans, popcorn, marshmallows, plum, plastic accessories, hardware accessories and other products.

Bag Appliction

This machine is suitable for packing bags with pillow bags and gusset bags.
The bag can be exhaust or inflated.

Technical Parameter

Machine model optional:

  • The model of the machine is determined by the size of the bag to be packed or the width of the film.
  • According to your actual needs to choose the right model that suits you.
Model SK-L380
Air Consumption 0.65Mpa, 2.5m3/min
Packaging Film 120-380mm
Bag Length 80-240mm
Bag Width 50-180mm
Packing Film Roll Diameter Max.300mm
Packaging Speed 5-85bags/min
Packing Thickness 0.04-0.08mm
Power Supply 220V ,50/60HZ, 3KG
Dimension 1200*820*1350mm
Total Weight of Machine 350kg

The material is conveyed to the Z-type loader through the conveyor belt, and then the material is lifted to the multi-head scale by the Z-type loader, and the multi-head scale is automatically weighed. When the target weight is reached, it is filled into the packaging host, and finally the bag is cut through high temperature sealing, and the package is packaged. The bag is conveyed to the conveying place through the conveyor belt.

Standard pillow bag can be equipped with punching devices (butterfly holes, round holes, portable holes) 

bag type 1.png

The common problems of this granule automatic production line are as follows.

1. Customers will ask whether they can pack powder and liquid products? This production line cannot pack liquids and powders, because the metering methods of granules, powders and liquids are different, and the required feeders are different. The material is very important to the packaging machine. The designer will provide a schematic diagram and the salesperson to provide a quotation plan based on the customer's material. 2. Regarding the size of the bag, what should the customer do if there is no bag size? The suggestion is to experiment with local markets and supermarkets to see which bag type and the weight you want to pack are the most popular. 3. How many days does it take to produce a machine? The production time of production line is about 30-50 working days, because our machines are installed and debugged to ensure high quality. 4. The customer also asked how long is the machine warranty period? We offer 12 months warranty,starts from the issue date of bill of loading and life time maintenance service. 5. Customers ask most how to install and operate the video? You can't worry about this at all. Our company needs to provide user manuals, installation videos and operation of the machine, we can provide technical services when you encounter problems..




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