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Gusset bag snacks food automatic packing machine

  • This machine is suitable for 100-1000 grams of cereal products, such as soybeans, mung beans, red beans, rice, black beans, corn, peanuts and sesame.
  • The most important feature of this machine is that it can pack the exquisite blank holder type gusset bag. The machine uses the measuring cup type measurement, which reduces the cost of the packaging machine and meets the customer's scheme of automatic packaging and low accuracy requirements.

Machine Component

1) Main packing machine, 2) multi head combination scale,3)  z type feeding conveyor,4)  supporting platform, 5) output conveyor.

Main packing machine :Fully complete the production process of feeding, metering, filling, bag making, date printing and product output.

Multi head combination scale: High-precision sensors enable accurate metering for instant implementation.According to the characteristics of the object to be measured, the opening and closing speed of the hopper door can be finely adjusted to prevent breakage. All parts are made of stainless steel and are clean and hygienic.Good compatibility and easy to use with other packaging equipment.

Z type feeding conveyor : The Z-type feeder can control the speed, which can raise the material to the 10-head combined electronic scale at a uniform speed, and is controlled by electric eye induction to ensure sufficient material.

Supporting platform  :With a thick and stable support platform, workers can directly stand on it to clean up the computer combinated scale or carry out maintenance, which is convenient, fast, safe and reliable.

Output conveyor :The finished product conveyor is installed at the product outlet of the main machine of the packaging machine, which allows the finished product to be transported away from the bottom of the main machine, avoiding product accumulation and blockage and causing downtime.


Machine Features

The most important feature of the machine is that it can pack the exquisite blank holder gusset bag. For the relatively small size packaging, the machine uses the computer combination scale to automatically complete the weighing, which improves the accuracy of the material weight. The supporting platform is convenient for observing the material packaging and maintaining and cleaning the electronic scale. Meet the requirements of customers for automatic packaging.

The Z-type feeding machine is used to lift the materials to the computer combined scale for target weighing, and then the materials with the target gram weight are filled into the packaging machine and packaged into bags, and then the finished product conveyor outputs the packed bags. It can realize the whole process of automatic lifting, measuring, forming and sealing bags and date coding.


Suitable for packaging non-fragile and easy to measure regular shape materials, such as rice, beans, seeds, melon seeds, Fried goods, puffed food, candy, salt, monosodium glutamate, washing powder, feed, other granular products and so on.



Air Consumption

0.65mpa, 2.5m3/min

Packaging Film


Bag Length


Bag Width


Packing Film Roll Diameter


Packaging Speed


Packing Thickness


Power Supply

220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 2.4kW



Total Weight of Machine


Gusset bag 

Gusset bag.png

We need to know the material, bag size and weight, these things are very important to the packaging machine. The designer will provide a schematic diagram and a salesperson to provide a quotation plan based on the customer's material, weight and bag size. Gusset Bag Snacks Food Automatic Packing Machine, customers' common questions are as follows.

1. Judge whether the material is suitable for the machine? It is best to send the materials and packaging film to our company for free testing. 2. Regarding the size of the bag, what should the customer do if there is no bag size? The suggestion is to experiment with local markets and supermarkets to see which bag type and the weight you want to pack are the most popular. The width of the bag is fixed because the length of the bag is adjustable. 3. Is the more shapers the better, so that more bag sizes can be packed? A set of machines can produce up to 3 formers, because the technology of replacing the formers is complicated, and changing the formers multiple times will result in the bag deviation. 4. If the pin device is not needed, just remove the pin device. Yes, if you don't need the pins, you can change the back seal bag. 5. How to choose the material of the machine? Our machine has two materials, one is stainless steel and carbon steel. If you are pursuing high quality, choose stainless steel. If your financial budget is difficult, carbon steel is recommended. Although the appearance of the machine is carbon steel, the parts that come into contact with the material are made of stainless steel. 6. What is the error? Generally speaking, it is ±1% (depending on the characteristics of the material) 7. How many days does it take to produce a machine? The production time is about 30-45 days, because our machines are installed and debugged at the same time, so as to ensure high quality. 8. The customer also asked how long is the machine warranty period? We offer 12 months warranty, starts from the issue date of bill of loading and life time maintenance service. 9. Customers most often ask how to install and operate the video? You can't worry about this at all. Our company needs to provide user manuals, installation videos and operation of the machine, you can provide technical services when you encounter problems.




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