Quad Seal Bag High Precision Small Bag Into Big Bag Packing Machine



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Quad Seal Bag High Precision Small Bag Into Big Bag Packing Machine

  • This set of machines can be combined with a pillow-type machine to accurately count the individual packaging bags of small bags and then pack them into big bags quantitatively.
  • Usually suitable for the production of large bags in small bags, such as quantitative packaging of snacks such as small cakes or muffins.

Machine Component

1) Main packing machine, 2) inclination feeder, 3) output conveyor.

Main packing machine :Fully complete the production process of feeding, metering, filling, bag making, date printing and product output.

 Inclination  feeder:  The  feeder can control the speed, which can raise the material to the main packing machine at a uniform speed, and is controlled by electric eye induction to ensure sufficient material.

Output conveyor :The finished product conveyor is installed at the product outlet of the main machine of the packaging machine, which allows the finished product to be transported away from the bottom of the main machine, avoiding product accumulation and blockage and causing downtime.

Machine Features

Used for box bag/quad seal bag packaging, high-precision number of bags, realizing quantitative small bags into big bags packaging.

The small packaging is completed on the flow wrapper machine, and then the precise packaging quantity is obtained through the packaging counting device, and then the large inclination feeder is lifted the small bags to the packaging machine to fill the predetermined number of small bags into the large bags, and finally use high temperature sealing and cut the bag. The machine is modified to automatically complete the entire production process, including feeding, measuring, filling and bag making, printing date and product output.


All kinds of irregular, granule, blocky, strip-shaped, high precision and easy-to-break bulk packaging, such as puffed food, shrimp, potato chips, fruit slices, casserole, peanuts, melon seeds, candy, biscuits, broad beans etc.



Packaging Film

Max 620mm

Bag Length


Bag Width


Packing Film Roll Diameter


Packaging Speed


Packing Thickness


Power Supply

220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 5.5kW



Total Weight of Machine


Quad side bag

Quad seal bag.png

Material and bag size are very important to the packaging machine. The designer will provide a schematic diagram and salespersons to provide a quotation plan based on the customer's materials and bag size .  This is a newly designed qual seal bag machine, common questions from customers are as follows.

1. Regarding the size of the bag, what should the customer do if there is no bag size? The suggestion is to experiment with local markets and supermarkets to see which bag type and the weight you want to pack are the most popular. 2.What is the error? Generally speaking, it is ±1% (depending on the characteristics of the material). 3.How many days does it take to produce a machine? The production time is about 30 days, because our machines are installed and debugged at the same time to ensure high quality. 4. The customer also asked how long is the machine warranty period? We offer 12 months warranty, starts from the issue date of bill of loading and life time maintenance service. 5. Customers most often ask how to install and operate the video? You can’t worry about this at all. Our company needs to provide user manuals, installation videos and operation of the machine. We can provide technical services if you encounter problems.




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