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Small powder packaging machine bag washing powder automatic filling machine detergent powder automatic packaging machine

The packaging in this video is small granule washing powder. The weight of the packaging is 40g. The main machine of the SK-L320 packaging machine is used with the opening and closing door turntable and the inclined hopper feeder to form a fully automatic turntable packaging machine. The overall packaging machine is made of 304 stainless steel. Make it.

If you also need to pack small particles of materials, you can consider using this packaging machine for packaging, and its packaging range is within 500ml (depending on the actual situation of the material).

Washing pwder packing machine companent:

1) main packing machine  2)  inclined bucket feeder  3)  finished bag conveyor 

Some detaied pcitures of washing powder packing machne

detailed picture.jpg

Detiaed picture

strage hopper.jpg

Material storage hopper 


Volumetic cup device

electice eye.jpg

Date printer device


Color mark photo electric eye device

vertical sealing.jpg

Vertical sealing device

horizontal sealing.jpg

Horizontal sealing device


Electric box

The volumetic  cup metering device :It performs measurement, and the metering speed is fast, and the opening and closing door method is adopted for feeding small particles.

Date Printer device: The packaging machine is equipped with a coding machine device, which automatically prints the production date and can print three lines. The font size is: 2*4mm.

Color mark photo electric eye device: the packaging machine is equipped with a color mark photo electric eye device, which can accurately detect the cutting length of the bag, and obtain a complete trademark pattern to ensure the integrity of the package.

Vertical  sealing device: The vertical sealing device has a compact, firm structure, reasonable design and simple. Using the principle of clamping and sealing, the film can be heat-sealed instantaneously, mainly for composite film sealing design, and PE film sealing design can also be used to make the sealing line seal neatly

The horizontal sealing device : It is equipped with a stainless steel panel to prevent burns caused by contact with the horizontal sealing rod. The equipment adopts a back sealing method.

Electric box: neatly installed lines, clear lines and reasonable layout. Choose imported brand configuration, long service life, not easy to cause failure.

Material storage hopper:Equipped with a material storage hopper, the material falls into the storage hopper through the feeder, and the storage hopper has an observation window, and the staff can observe the material through the observation port.

Product Introduction:

This small bag washing powder is a very practical packaging machine launched by our company. It is specially designed to pack small particles and powder products with particles. This machine adopts vibration effect, stable and reliable; scientific design, small size, light weight, low noise, accurate counting, simple operation, simple maintenance and repair. And the contact part is made of stainless steel, which ensures the cleanliness of the packaged items and meets the requirements of food;

Product Features:

This small bagged washing powder packaging machine can be converted into an opening and closing door metering device according to material requirements, with lower noise and better vibration effect! The bagging speed is fast, the fastest can reach 50 bags/min! 304 stainless steel is used, including the hopper and the bottom plate of the hopper are made of 304 stainless steel to ensure compliance with food requirements.

Performance characteristics of washing powder packaging machine:

1. Stainless steel open material box, easy to clean.

2. Equipped with safety protection, in line with the requirements of enterprise safety management.

3. Intelligent temperature control is adopted to ensure accurate temperature control and smooth sealing.

4. The servo drive system has the advantages of high precision and stable performance.

5. The capacity cup metering machine is used to complete the measurement and filling, which is suitable for measuring fine particles.

6. Washing powder packaging machine packaging style diversification, back seal, insert angle, even bag, punching, etc.

7. The perfect automatic alarm protection function can reduce the loss to the minimum and help eliminate the fault in time.

8. PLC double pull or single pull film structure paper feeding system is adopted, and motor automatic deviation correction device is adopted for sealing and cutting position.

9. The large display touch screen constitutes the drive control core, which improves the control precision, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine to the maximum

10. This machine and metering configuration can automatically complete the whole packaging process of metering, feeding, filling and bag making, inflation (exhaust) and printing, and count automatically.

Use range:

This small bagged washing powder packaging machine can automatically complete the functions of metering, filling, bag making, bag cutting, nitrogen filling, and coding. Suitable for packaging granular materials, such as rice, washing powder, monosodium glutamate, seeds, etc. The automatic bagged washing powder packaging machine integrates the functions of automatic bag making, weighing, filling, sealing, printing, punching, punching and tearing and counting. The advanced design ensures that the machine is suitable for the washing powder industry and is very convenient for adjustment, operation and maintenance during use. It can be used with various automatic measuring equipment at home and abroad.

 Operation process:

1. Install the feeder and finished product conveyor, put the packaging film into the former, and install the power supply.

2. Put the material into the feeder, lift the material to the main machine through the feeder, and then accurately measure the volume cup, and finally output the finished product through the finished product conveyor.

The material is put into the feeder, lifted by the feeder to load into the volume cup measuring device, and then the volume cup metering device completes the weight measurement. Then the material with the target weight is loaded into the packaging machine. This machine can realize automatic hoisting, metering, bag sealing and forming, date coding, and a series of automatic packaging processes.


The small powder volumetic cup packaging machine can pack small particles with good fluidity, using opening and closing methods, such as washing powder, sesame, sugar, salt, pepper, pepper, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, Radix isatidis, etc.


Pllow bag , also called middle-seal bag, is a special vocabulary in the packaging industry. Packaging bags with edge-sealing on the back of the bag body. Back-seal bags have a wide range of applications. Generally, these types of bags are used in candy, bagged instant noodles, and bagged dairy products. package style.

Advantages: Compared with other packaging forms, the sealed bag has no edges on both sides of the bag body, so the pattern on the front of the package is complete and more beautiful. At the same time, in the layout design, the bag body pattern can be designed as a whole to maintain the continuity of the picture. And because the seal is on the back, both sides of the bag can withstand greater pressure, reducing the possibility of package damage. Moreover, the packaging bag of the same size adopts the form of back seal to seal the smallest total length, which also reduces the probability of seal cracking to a certain extent.

Product name

 SK-L320A  washing powder packaging machine

Air consumption consumption


Packaging film width


Bag length


Bag width


Max outer diameter of coil


Packing speed


Packaging film thickness


Power Specifications




Net weight


Gross Weight


Packaging materials

Composite film

Common after-sales Questions:

Packaging machines can be divided into vertical packaging machines, pillow packaging machines, bag-feeding packaging machines, etc. The vertical packaging machine mainly packs particles, powders and liquid sauce materials. It is applicable to a wide range of industries, so it has won many industries. used widely. But when using the vertical packaging machine, it is inevitable that we will encounter failures. So what should we do if we encounter failures?

1. The machine does not work after touching the "on" button in the production operation menu

Reason: Check whether the emergency stop switch is reset; the inverter and servo controller display RC (in alarm state)

Solution: Reset the emergency stop switch; turn off the main power supply and turn it on again after 20 seconds.

2.The leakage switch has tripped.

Reason: Leakage of heating element, motor and other electrical appliances.

Elimination method: check each electrical appliance one by one to eliminate leakage.

3.The temperature is normal when the machine is shut down Reason: The ambient voltage is low, resulting in a reduction in the power of the heating element.

 Elimination method: reduce packaging speed or increase regulated power supply.

4.The sealing of the packaging bag leaks

Reason: The sealing ports of the front and rear horizontal sealing rollers are not parallel to each other; the temperature is not enough; the pressure is not enough

Elimination method: carefully adjust the parallelism of the horizontal sealing roller seal; appropriately increase the temperature; appropriately increase the pressure within the specified range

5 .Can't control cut point or half package.

 Reasons: Wrinkles on the edges of the packaging film or quality problems in the light path cause the photoelectric to malfunction; the sensitivity of the photoelectric head is not adjusted properly; the paper puller is slipping; the electric brake gap is large or small or the oil enters;

Elimination method: replace the packaging film'; readjust the sensitivity of the photoelectric head; increase the spring tension of the pull-up wheel; adjust the electric brake gap to the specified size (or clean the oil stain); adjust the bag long wheel.

6.The sealing roller is not hot.

Reason: circuit breaker tripped; heating tube burned out; temperature control meter damaged .

Elimination method: check and eliminate the short circuit, reclose; replace the heating tube; replace the temperature control meter.

7. The copper wheel does not move

Reason: The front electric brake cable is open; the AC contactor is in poor contact. Elimination method:: re-wiring; check the normally open contacts of the AC contactor, replace a set if necessary.




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