High Speed High Capacity Jelly Automatic Packing Machine Production Line



Machine Component

Main packing machine, multi head combination scale, Z type feeding conveyor, supporting platform, output conveyor.

Machine Features

This project is a customized production line according to the size of the customer's workshop and material output requirements. To meet the customer's plant area requirements, as well as to meet the customer's packaging output requirements. High degree of customization, high quality requirements, high-speed production packaging, reduce labor, achieve high efficiency packaging production line.

The Z-type feeding machine is used to lift the materials to the computer combined scale for target weighing, and then the materials with the target gram weight are filled into the packaging machine and packaged into bags, and then the finished product conveyor outputs the packed bags. It can realize the whole process of automatic lifting, measuring, forming and sealing bags and date coding.

It is suitable for the quantitative weighing and packaging of puffed food such as chips, puffed food, large shell nuts such as walnuts, cashew,pistachios, candy, melon seeds, biscuits, fruit and vegetable chips, fried goods, jelly, plum, chocolate and other leisure food, quick-frozen dumplings, frozen food, pet food, hardware and other granular, block, strip materials.

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High Speed High Capacity Jelly Automatic Packing Machine Production Line

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High Speed High Capacity Jelly Automatic Packing Machine Production Line

Full automatic production line optimize your pouch filling & packaging. 

SOONKPACK Engineers will study your line speed and production needs through a detailed design process before deciding upon the correct pouch form fill seal equipment. Proper line design is used to understand how the complete project fits together to increase throughput and eliminate bottlenecks.




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